Hello. Welcome to Aukid’s digital home, the Auk-ward Company’s website. My books are designed to be enjoyed whilst stimulating curiosity in extinct birds and enabling you, the readers, to learn more about them. My interest in the Great Auk was started by my father when I was small and I feel privileged to be able to pass this on. The Great Auk became extinct before any of us were born and, therefore, remains a bird of complete mystery. Or does it?…

Best Wishes



One of a series of fictional stories designed to re-ignite the interest for, and imagination of, extinct animals. Told from the animal’s (Aukid’s) point of view – it will teach and inspire all who read the book and will leave them wishing that the Great Auks had never become extinct.


Book 1

http://tjink.co.uk/casestudies/self-publishing-educational-childrens-book/ This is when Aukid was first introduced to the world! Even though Book 3 is not yet completed he and Park, the puffin, have met in Iceland, travelled to Scotland and Canada, got caught up with a basking shark and hidden from a black bear. They’ve travelled by foot, by bus and by boat. …