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Last Great Auk to return to Orkney after 200 years – albeit cast in bronze

The last Great Auk shot for a collector on Orkney more than 200 years ago will return to the island – albeit cast in bronze.

By Alison CampsieThursday, 21st April 2022, 5:21 pm0commentsHAVE YOUR SAY

The flightless bird, which once lived at Fowl Craig on Papa Westray, has been in the collection of the Natural History Museum since 1819 – the last example of the species from Britain.

The specimen – the King of the last breeding pair in the country – was killed to order in 1813 by islander William Foulis, who was employed by London-based collector William Bullock who later sold it to the Natural History Museum as part of his extensive natural history collection

source ‘The Scotsman’ newspaper.

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