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Why there are no more Great Auks… Except one!

Interesting article to read. Very sad! One reason why Aukid is here educating children about the Great Auk and helping to stop this happening again!

The Original Christmas Present

Books have been around for generations. They are timeless and often give us a window that takes us into a different world. It can be fun to peer into the world belonging to the characters of a book. We can laugh with them, smile or empathise with these characters.

Get lost in a story or have a go at creating one of your own. For under £9, with no postage charge at the moment, you can own a book (one of two in a series) about an extinct Great Auk bird and a puffin – two totally unique characters, with a groundbreaking version of the book that enables children to draw their own pictures or write their own stories.

Pop over to the website and take a look!

For your Christmas gifts…

Here is a book that is completely interactive. Read a few pages and then draw some pictures or write your own alternative story. Be in charge of Aukid and Park’s adventures or write your own story using your own characters.

For all the budding authors out there – let your imagination take over!

Both books are available in the story-only format or with extra ruled and plain pages.


National Poetry Day

It’s National Poetry Day today. Check out this poem about the demise of the Great Auk by Ogden Nash:

National Read a Book Day

It’s National Read a Book Day today. To celebrate this, you can order any book from my website for £6 each until 12pm on Sunday. Have a good weekend of reading!


New Logo

A fantastic new logo designed by CC Illustrations will help to give Aukid a new look.

Please reply to this blog with your comments about the logo and your ideas for any future adventures for Aukid and Park. Where woukd you like them to go and what adventures would you like to see them get up to?

World Ocean’s Day

It’s world Ocean’s Day today so we must ensure that we protect the Ocean both for our benefit and more importantly for the benefit of its occupants. Remember that Park and his friends need the ocean in order to survive!

Roche Craft Fair

Here we are all set up and raring to go. Come down if you’re in the area!


Further Adventures for Aukid and Park

… The new book will be available in the Roche Victory Hall on Saturday. It would be lovely to see you there! Lots of fabulous craft stalls to look at.


They’re Here!

Book 2 – Further Adventures for Aukid and Park have arrived today in both ordinary book and notebook form. The adventures in this book take our two intrepid travellers out of their comfort zone. How will it all end? Copies are available from this site, which will be updated shortly, and by messaging me privately. Happy Reading!

First glimpse of the contents
Choice of two different book forms

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