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Exciting News…

The first batch of Book 2 is arriving tomorrow! This is a ground-breaking ‘Notebook Edition’ of the book that allows you to write down your thoughts about the story, start to write your own story, draw pictures of Aukid and Park’s adventures or just use the blank pages in the book to write down your own personal notes.

I will let you know when they arrive. Watch this space!

Good News from the National Trust South West

A new study has revealed that the total number of seabirds on Lundy has now tripled to over 21,000 birds after the island was declared rat free in 2006. Manx shearwater are now at over 5,500 pairs and puffin numbers have gone from 13 birds to 375 ?

We’re proud to work with our partners to look after the future of seabirds on this island.

Park the Puffin would be very happy to hear this if he wasn’t so involved with trying to find more Great Auks for Aukid! It’s great news though for his species.


Have a look at how Park’s puffin colony would behave. Warning: This has a high ‘cute’ factor!


I named and sponsored a puffin this week. Of course, he had to be called Park!

Pop over to the website and have a look! You may even decide to sponsor your own puffin.

Sneaky Peek

Off to the publishers soon! Here’s a little peak of the beginning of Book 2:

So how will we get to Scotland?’ Aukid was very keen to go but being a keen stay-at-home Auk, he was already way out of his comfort zone. He had recently travelled from Greenland, his home country, to Iceland by mistake in a fishing boat. It turned out all right though because he met a puffin named James Park MacDunn, known to the other members of his colony as Park, who had agreed to become his travelling companion. More of a mentor really. Park was a bit of a pro where travelling was concerned and did the trip from Scotland, his home, to Iceland quite regularly.
There were big colonies of puffins in Scotland and Park found the exclusivity of fish in Iceland much more to his liking.
Aukid, on the other hand, was there by accident having spent several days looking for more Great Auks and not seeing any at all.

Protecting the Cornish Coastline

A great incentive for you to get involved in. Cornwall Council need your help in order to protect sea birds like Park the puffin.

Follow this link to find out more!

Happy World Book Day

Aukid and Park have finished their second adventures and are shortly going off to see them being printed. There will be more adventures and a startling moment of reality for Aukid.

I will keep you updated on the book’s progress.

Meanwhile, there are some copies of the first book still available!

Happy World Book Day Reading

Julia 🙂


Where could our two travellers be going to?

Find out in Book 2…


… And guess who else is coming to Withiel?

See you there on Saturday 1st December!

Craft Fair in Newquay

Come and meet Aukid and Park in Newquay tomorrow – Friday30th November at the Great Western Hotel from 6pm-9pm!  Plenty of other stalls there too!


See you there!


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