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Summer Holiday Reading

Why not encourage young people to read during the summer holidays! A fun way to encourage extra learning. They could:

read about the adventures of Aukid the Great Auk and Park the puffin

have a go at writing their own short stories and illustrate them.

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Summer Holidays

With the school summer holidays fast approaching or already here, why not look at how your children can be educated by reading a book, go on fun adventures by reading a book, or have a go at writing their own stories by reading a book!
My books are available in a straightforward book version or a notebook version. The notebook contains the same story but allows children to have a go with their own writing or drawing – either using the book for inspiration or drawing on their own!

Many other book-related products available too!

World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day. Let’s celebrate all ocean wildlife like our own puffin, Park and remember species that are extinct like Aukid the Great Auk.

We must look after our oceans and protect all species within them!

New Bookmarks

Two new bookmarks have ‘flown’ into my ETSY shop and will soon be available on the website. One depicts a picture (double-sided) of Aukid and Park waiting for the container ship that will take them to Canada and the Black bear that they encounter there. The second one depicts Aukid and Park together on one side and Aukid on his own on the other.
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International Children’s Book Day

It’s International Children’s Book Day today. How better to celebrate than with an international Great Auk (extinct of course – but who’s counting…).

in Book 2 Aukid and his new found friend, Park, the puffin, travel to Canada on a container ship so that’s pretty much international travelling for them.

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World Book Day

it’s World Book Day. Aukid the Great Auk and his new friend Park the puffin are waiting to meet the 7-11 year olds. Why not join them on their adventures here or in my Etsy shop. Even better is the chance for children to have a go at writing their own short story. Base it on mine or think of something completely new. They can be illustrated too!

What will your children be doing today to celebrate World Book Day? Please let me know!


Get ready for World Book Day

With World Book Day tomorrow, how about treating your family to the world of the extinct Great Auk? Learn about these beautiful birds and follow Aukid’s (Great Auk) adventures with Park, his new puffin friend. Why can’t they find any more Great Auks? Follow their attempts to try to find some!

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World Book Day

Don’t forget World Book Day is 4th March. There’s still time to order one of my books ready for the ‘big day’!

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Half Term

Lots of items in my Etsy shop for half-term reading and creating. With prices from 50p and free delivery there’s bound to be something for everyone. Come and take a look. Find it under Theaukwardcompany


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