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New Website

Check out my new website – it has a more modern look to it which Aukid and Park approve of.

it’s easier to navigate and still has the same great books and products for you to buy. Great Christmas presents for children. Let them leave the technological world for a short time and immerse themselves into the world of the Great Auk and puffin!

Best of all – you may have a new artist or author to unleash using the special notebook version of the story. A book that can be written in…

Book 1

This is when Aukid was first introduced to the world! Even though Book 3 is not yet completed he and Park, the puffin, have met in Iceland, travelled to Scotland and Canada, got caught up with a basking shark and hidden from a black bear. They’ve travelled by foot, by bus and by boat. What else is in store for them?

Come and take a look!

Back to School…

Back to school means back to reading. Reading for pleasure is one of the best ways, if not THE best way, to increase attainment at school. For those students who have had a lot of free time and less learning time recently – why not read some amusing and informative books. The special ‘Note Book Edition’ also means that you can alter the story or have a go at writing one of your own inside the actual books or draw your own images.
Currently free postage!

The Great Auk

Meet Aukid the Great Auk and Park the puffin! They have become great friends. Unfortunately Great Auks are now extinct. Or are they?…

Isolation blues?

Have the isolation blues kicked in yet? How about immersing yourself in the adventures of Aukid the Great Auk and Park the puffin? Read it for yourselves, read it to or with your children or just let them immerse themselves in another world. Educational but fun! Better still, the notebook version allows children to change the story or even write one for themselves!

Free postage throughout the ‘Lockdown’ period.


Happy World Book Day

Peruse my website to find two charming books starring two most unlikely friends – an extinct Great Auk and a puffin! How similar or different are these two birds? What lengths will Aukid the Great Auk go to in order to try and find more Great Auks? See both the rivalry and the friendship between these two birds! These books encourage children to learn whilst they read and create stories of their own.

Puffins re-unite

Here is an absolutely charming video from BBC Springwatch showing the re-uniting of two puffins getting prepared to have a puffling (baby puffin) of their own. Its definitely worth watching!


Forget about the storm this weekend. Here is a book that children can use to change/alter or add to the story or indeed start to write their own.

Encourage them to read the adventures of Aukid the Great Auk and Park the puffin.

Educational and fun!

Breeding Habits of the Great Auk

An interesting article showing research into the breeding habits of the Great Auk. Well worth a read!

Interesting Research

A really interesting article from Jess Thomas’s research. Well worth reading!


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