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Aukid”s Adventures

I went on a visit to the printers yesterday.   Everything is ready their end to enable Aukid to come alive through the pages of a book.  Just a few tweaks and decisions to be made at this end.

i’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Untill next time…


The Auk-ward Logo

The Auk-ward Logo


Really excited to have a new logo!  Aukid is proudly displayed against a multi-coloured background bringing him into the 21st Century!  What a lucky Auk!

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Baby puffin found in Cornwall

A puffin was washed up in Cornwall.  Follow the link to Pirate FMs coverage!



Aukid meets Park

Very excited about the new picture that Matt has created.  A few tweaks still to go but Aukid and Park have now officially met – in picture-form at least!

Aukid meeting Park in The Return of the Auk

Bringing back the Great Auk!

The Great Auk became extinct in the 1800s. No-one alive today has ever seen one. However, according to last year’s article in The Telegraph, the renewed sightings of these fantastic creatures may yet be a possibility. Imagine that!

The article explains how it could be possible to recreate the genetic code of these birds and then implant fertilised embryos into a bird big enough to be able to lay a Great Auk egg.

Follow the below link to learn how close we could be to accomplishing the re-creation of this extinct bird!

Plot Hatched to Reintroduce Extinct Great Auk to British Shores


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