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Printing Update

The book is about to hit the printing presses – so Aukid, the last of the Great Auks, will be returning soon!

The book is split into 3 sections for ease of reading and follows a very traumatic day of Aukid’s life.  It will inform you about the Great Auk but at the same time show how sad it was that this species of bird became extinct.

Read about Aukid in the book and meet Park the knowledgeable puffin! Easy to read text and wonderful illustrations makes it the perfect book for children from the age of 6 upwards.

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Hello there

Aukid is returning!

The Return of the Great Auk has finally been submitted for printing!. The completed images are currently being put into the correct format for printing and typesetting will follow.

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The Return of the Great Auk

‘Quick as a flash he was in the river. One, then two. These were followed by two more trout. What a feast! This welcome meal soon led to a very long drink. Aukid hadn’t eaten and drunk this much for ages and it felt really good. ‘

Nearly there!

The illustrations are all finished and The Return of the Great Auk is having its final edit before going off to be printed.  Matts illustrations are simply awesome – you will love them!

I will post some excerpts from the book shortly and, when it has been printed, details of how you can purchase it.

Exciting  times ahead…

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A lovely picture of Puffins taken by Greenpeace International.  Sign in to their Facebook page to read more about them!

Aukid”s Adventures

I went on a visit to the printers yesterday.   Everything is ready their end to enable Aukid to come alive through the pages of a book.  Just a few tweaks and decisions to be made at this end.

i’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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The Auk-ward Logo

The Auk-ward Logo


Really excited to have a new logo!  Aukid is proudly displayed against a multi-coloured background bringing him into the 21st Century!  What a lucky Auk!

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Baby puffin found in Cornwall

A puffin was washed up in Cornwall.  Follow the link to Pirate FMs coverage!



Aukid meets Park

Very excited about the new picture that Matt has created.  A few tweaks still to go but Aukid and Park have now officially met – in picture-form at least!

Aukid meeting Park in The Return of the Auk

Bringing back the Great Auk!

The Great Auk became extinct in the 1800s. No-one alive today has ever seen one. However, according to last year’s article in The Telegraph, the renewed sightings of these fantastic creatures may yet be a possibility. Imagine that!

The article explains how it could be possible to recreate the genetic code of these birds and then implant fertilised embryos into a bird big enough to be able to lay a Great Auk egg.

Follow the below link to learn how close we could be to accomplishing the re-creation of this extinct bird!

Plot Hatched to Reintroduce Extinct Great Auk to British Shores


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